Sunday, 18 February 2018


We want to provide you with the best security solution. Call us anytime at 242.365.8198 so we can accurately assess your needs.

Whether it's for your home or business, SAS can design an electronic security system that provides piece of mind at a price you can afford. With a wide array of products at our disposal, we can implement a system that fits your needs and budget, using either conventional hard wired and/or wireless technology. More> 

There are few things more devastating than a fire. To a business, it can mean a loss of income. And in your home, it can mean the loss of priceless possessions. That's why SAS designs and installs custom fire alarm systems for all types of applications. More>

Our Fire Alarm Inspections division inspects, tests and services Automatic Fire Alarm Systems. Our field technicians are certified by the N.T.S. and completed training by the National Fire Protection Association (N.F.P.A.). More>
You may be able to prevent unauthorized access to your facility or property by using a PC-controlled access system. These systems are designed to secure doors, gates, and more through the use of electronic locks, electronic credentials (such as cards, keytags, or FOBS) or biometrics (fingerprint / retinal scan). More>
SAS installs and services automatic gate operator systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Each system is custom designed to meet your different demands and security needs. We can install swing, single or bi-parting, barrier, slide or vertical lift gates. More>
Complete Security Systems can implement a wide variety of monitoring resources to accommodate your particular security needs. We use a standard telephone line to provide digital communication between your alarm panel and the central station. Enhanced, more secure communication may be established through the use of a secondary, or back-up, radio transmitter. More>
CCTV Systems display and record activity on your property. They can even act as a deterrence to theft or unwanted behaviors. Or provide critical evidence should you need it. SAS installs small surveillance systems for residential properties and 100 plus camera and recording systems for large commercial facilities.. More>
Wireless Security Systems
The majority of alarm systems on the market are integrated directly into your phone system. Any criminal with this knowledge can simply cut the phone line without detection and render your system useless. Your security company will not be notified and will not receive your distress signal when you may need it the most. More>


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